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Free Essays on The Newspaper War

The Newspaper War At the point when the Battle Ship U.S.S. Maine unexpectedly detonated in Havana Cuba, Americans shouted out for war, likewise with Pearl Harbor and the Alamo, fastens went of to war with the rallying call â€Å"remember the Maine†. Be that as it may, dissimilar to different wars this one was not proclaimed by congress, it was the residents of American who push their nation to war with Spain. It was not warmongering in the interest of The American open that made them request war on their European neighbor. Two newsmen and the American Media settled on the choice for them. Toward the finish of the nineteenth century, the marvel of sensationalist reporting hit American newspaper kiosks. Reinforced by an ascent in the proficiency rate, Thousands of papers jumped up around the nation. Promoting firms needed there advertisements to be seen by whatever number buyers as could reasonably be expected, and thus would just need to publicize in a paper with a huge flow. Since the greater part of income paper makes comes structure selling promotions, the 3ability of a paper to endure monetarily depended intensely on it capacity to sell. . In light of their wealth, a savage rivalry emerged, the significant papers battled to out sell each other accordingly doubts, morels and editorial respectability where regularly set aside, is was normal for a report to the editors sentiment rather then target news coverage. So as to sell papers editors continually put out overstated and hair-raising articles. Sensationalist reporting was pervasive to such an extent that even good author of the time where not above it. A genuine model would be the revered American creator Samuel Clemens, who in his initial bearer composed for a paper in the Midwest. Where he provided details regarding the stunning archeological find of a froze, Stone Age monster. Be that as it may, when it was found to be just a solid sculpture that he had covered in a field. Samuel Clemens needed to escape town and change his name to Mark Twain. Imprint Twain was just an armature when it came to sentiment features. New Yor... Free Essays on The Newspaper War Free Essays on The Newspaper War The Newspaper War At the point when the Battle Ship U.S.S. Maine out of nowhere detonated in Havana Cuba, Americans shouted out for war, similarly as with Pearl Harbor and the Alamo, patches went of to war with the call to war â€Å"remember the Maine†. In any case, dissimilar to different wars this one was not announced by congress, it was the residents of American who push their nation to war with Spain. It was not warmongering for the benefit of The American open that made them request war on their European neighbor. Two newsmen and the American Media settled on the choice for them. Toward the finish of the nineteenth century, the wonder of sensationalist reporting hit American magazine kiosks. Supported by an ascent in the proficiency rate, Thousands of papers jumped up around the nation. Promoting firms needed there advertisements to be seen by however many buyers as could be expected under the circumstances, and therefore would just need to publicize in a paper with a huge course. Since the greater part of income paper makes comes structure selling advertisements, the 3ability of a paper to endure monetarily depended intensely on it capacity to sell. . Due to their bounty, a furious rivalry emerged, the significant papers battled to out sell each other therefore second thoughts, morels and editorial uprightness where regularly set aside, is was normal for a report to the editors feeling rather then target news-casting. So as to sell papers editors continually put out overstated and thrilling articles. Sensationalist reporting was common to such an extent that even decent essayist of the time where not above it. A genuine model would be the loved American creator Samuel Clemens, who in his initial bearer composed for a paper in the Midwest. Where he provided details regarding the astonishing archeological find of a froze, Stone Age monster. In any case, when it was found to be just a solid sculpture that he had covered in a field. Samuel Clemens needed to escape town and change his name to Mark Twain. Imprint Twain was just an armature when it came to dramatic features. New Yor...

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Integration Of Different Business Processesâ€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Talk About The Integration Of Different Business Processes? Answer: Presentation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a framework the board strategy which includes the reconciliation of various business forms with the assistance of programming and innovation. The business exercises incorporated in ERP framework are item arranging, creation the board, assembling, advertising and crude material administration. ERP framework alludes to the class of business the board programming which incorporates a blend of utilization for the assortment, stockpiling, the executives and translation of information (Mahdavian, Wingreen Ghiichlee, 2016). In the current occasions, it is practically important to actualize ERP framework inside an association. It is valuable in giving coordinated and refreshed data to the clients with the assistance of various databases which are overseen by the database the board arrangement of a business undertaking. The ERP framework must be utilized for the coordination of various data related procedures, for example, assortment, stockpiling and understanding of business exercises. It bolsters various classes of business capacities and speculation. It additionally encourages blunder free exchanges, creation and is focused at expanding the general hierarchical proficiency. It utilizes diverse equipment and system designs advertisement use data and database store. The ERP framework is described by various variables, in particular, a coordinated framework, activity continuously, normal database to help all the applications (Al-Mashari Al-Mudimigh, 2003). It additionally includes diverse practical zones, for example, money related bookkeeping, HR, the board bookkeeping and request preparing and gracefully chain the executives. Be that as it may, there are huge difficulties in the utilization of ERP framework. The innovative framework of the organization must be fit for joining the framework easily inside the association. Other than that, there are additionally a few people issues as workers of the association oppose any significant change inside the association. The present report will inspect the significant expenses and issues related with ERP execution in a business association. The essential focal point of the report will be to look at the issues identified with HR, which incorporates issues relating to social occasion business necessities, guaranteeing the accessibility of talented assets, acknowledgment of the undertaking by the group and acquiring support from various colleagues (Beatty Williams, 2006). The report will likewise talk about the prerequisite of data proficiency for the directors and various difficulties in the work of ERP framework with the assistance of various contextual investigations. Individuals Requirement in Implementation of ERP framework Undertaking Resource Planning (ERP) is a typical business the board and reconciliation framework which gives prompt capacities and correspondence prospects to the representatives in huge business associations. It permits various areas of an association which have various requirements to speak with one another by collecting data in a similar framework. It composes data stream between various branches of the association by making a solitary exchange framework. It can make interoperability inside the association which is troublesome and costly to build up with an independent single framework. It is a vital piece of business insight arrangement of an association wherein the supervisors have an incorporated perspective on various business forms. There has been a nonstop innovative advancement in the field of ERP framework which has made it conceivable to coordinate prescribed procedures with the changing industry needs of the association. Despite the fact that, ERP frameworks have been br oadly acknowledged and there has been noteworthy development, a few difficulties are yet experienced by the associations while executing the framework. The essential test is the apparent advantage of ERP framework. The worldwide organizations have effectively executed ERP framework; be that as it may, there are various little or center level organizations wherein ERP usage has not been fruitful. Usually they have postponed their calendar and surpassed their underlying spending plan. The ERP framework usage has likewise bombed starting targets and results of the association. In any case, examine with respect to the disappointment of ERP framework has expressed that a large portion of the disappointments were not brought about by the product, yet by the unpredictability of the product and the failure of the representatives to adjust to the progressions brought about by programming. As per Seo (2013), in contrast to other data framework, the significant test with ERP framework isn't in novation related however individuals related, for example, protection from change issues in association culture, business procedures and task fumble. These issues emerge because of various factors, for example, unseemly expertise blend, venture dealing with, client inclusion, and innovation arranging and structure of the framework (Berchet Habchi, 2005). The ERP execution causes significant activity changes inside the association; in this way, it requires inclusion of the executives of various individuals inside the association who may resolve clashes which may happen with the usage of the framework. The administration staff ought to be resolved to help with bringing change inside the association. They ought to prepare the workers utilizing various elements of ERP with clear correspondence channels. Another significant human asset challenge is the nonattendance of client preparing which heightens the danger of disarray, incorrectness and in the end lessening the believability of the framework. It is additionally significant that the association ought to have fantastic task taking care of framework so that ERP framework can be effectively actualized inside the association. The task ought to be created with the assistance of clear rules and undertaking goals. A work plan ought to be produced for the asset allotment in the ERP framework usage. Group creation is likewise pivotal in ERP execution as it incorporates diverse business works in a solitary framework which prompts the improvement of an unpredictable structure. In the event that the undertaking group can't fathom the adjustments in the association structure, methodology and procedures of ERP usage, it will contrarily affect on the upper hand of the organization(Pollock Cornford, 2004). Contextual investigation examination for Challenges in System Implementation There are a few cases wherein ERP usage has neglected to succeed or experienced distinctive human asset challenges. The ERP usage is viewed as a disappointment on the off chance that it neglects to understand its execution cost or its underlying destinations. A few advanced education foundations have likewise executed ERP framework in their administration and to improve institutional business forms. Advanced education Institutions spend in excess of 5 billion USD in ERP venture. The ERP sellers have likewise rolled out huge improvements in ERP framework with the goal that it can address the market needs of the new clients. The instances of this item are ORACLE and SAP. Despite the fact that disregarding critical changes presented in the ERP framework, the execution has neglected to meet the normal results for the association. In colleges and more significant level establishments, it can raise new association issues identified with character or saw uniqueness of the college (Chang, Ch eung, Cheng Yeung, 2008). It is recommended that Universities have extraordinary structures and dynamic procedure which makes ERP framework wrong for them. The association culture is additionally vital in execution of ERP framework (Yusuf, Gunasekaran Abthorpe, 2004). The ERP framework powers an association to take a business point of view towards training which remembers changes for administrative language and strategies. Thusly, usage of ERP framework demonstrates a significant test for the association as it does exclude the execution of another administration framework yet change in the general association culture. In colleges, two sorts of specialists are available, in particular, managerial position and scholastic power. With ERP usage, regulatory authority is fortified as the model of administration which may affect antagonistically on the activities of the association (Hong Kim, 2002). It very well may be investigated that ERP framework is nonexclusive arrangement of the corporate associations which make dangers for colleges. The advanced education foundations limit their decision and thee reception of conventional arrangement inside the association. The ERP framework has dynamic multifaceted nature which makes them hard to incorporate with the administration and staff in Universities. It is additionally conceivable that now and again, the college dos not have the administration or staff individuals who know about various assignments of ERP framework (Mandal Gunasekaran, 2003). The essential qualities of ERP framework is normalization and mix which may restrain the adaptability of the University activities. On the off chance that a business association is losing its adaptability it can bring about staff obstruction. In the long run, it will lead the staff individuals to complete their past procedures and increment data hole and make obstruction in the appropriation of new framework. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) additionally executed ERP framework in 1990s. The association has an all out staff of 8,000 understudies and has 10,000 understudies in different streams. The association has huge working spending issues as the administration portion to innovative work has declined. It has expanded the education costs and enlistment obstructions for countless understudies. The managerial procedure is additionally intricate in the association which brings about various mistakes, monotonous work and wastage of endeavors. Accordingly, the organization att empts to actualize ERP framework to expand the productivity of association the board (Buonanno, Faverio, Pigni, Ravarini, Sciuto Tagliavini, 2005). There were a few issues in the administration

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Beat Your Fashion Rivals Through Digital Campaigns

Beat Your Fashion Rivals Through Digital Campaigns Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Beat Your Fashion Rivals Through Digital CampaignsUpdated On 22/11/2018Author : HBB Guest AuthorTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogThe demands of day-to-day life mean that many people are stretched for time, and shopping online is an alternative which allows people to avoid the bustle and stress of visiting busy shopping centers.In the new digital age, online fashion brands are in constant competition with each other, and a strong brand identity and online visibility are more crucial to  fashion marketing than ever before.There’s no doubt that fashion brands should be reviewing their digital marketing strategy for the future, and considering how they can stand out amongst their rivals. There are five key factors in digital marketing, which if delivered well could make all the difference to your brand, helping it to st and out in a competitive digital market.Web designFashion trends are constantly changing, and it is important that your brands website is up to date, user-friendly and intuitive. It should also communicate the essence of your brand, and speak to your target audience, encouraging them to remain on your site, browse your products and hopefully make a purchase. Your website should also be recognizable to customers and incorporate high-quality product shots.ContentA website with interesting and stand-out content can make a significant difference to how customers engage with your brand and can have a huge impact on the purchases they make. For example, a blog which is built into your website, which includes regular new content, and speaks to the customer, is relatable and seasonal, can help to build long-lasting customer relationships with your brand, making them return to your site to shop time and time again.Social mediaAn informal social media presence with a human touch is a great wa y to build trust in your brand and to establish long-lasting relationships with customers. Social media has a strong impact on the decisions people make about their online purchases, and an immaculate Instagram account, with beautiful product shots, or an engaging Twitter feed, which interacts with customers, could make all the difference. Running competitions and giveaways via social media is another great way of generating interest and engagement from potential customers, and can help hugely with conversion rates.READ7 Interview Questions for a Business Analyst ManagerSearch engine optimization(SEO)Strong search engine optimization is imperative in the digital age and is a great way to drive traffic to your brands website. Using the right keywords is crucial with SEO, and the best way for fashion brands to decide which keywords to use is to put themselves in the position of the customer and consider the words they might put into a search engine to look for their products and servi ces. Looking at what your competitors are doing and analyzing the keywords they focus on is another useful method for maximizing the impact of your brands SEO.Pay per click (PPC)Research shows that it takes six impressions before a customer purchases a product. Therefore, when advertising online, your brand or product needs to be visible to a customer six times before they visit your site and make a purchase. Pay per click advertising is a simple, effective and low-cost way to make these six impressions and drive traffic to your website. On Facebook, for example, adverts can be highly targeted so that they appear on a prospective customers feed however many times you wish over a certain period of time. This allows you to reach your desired customer base according to, for example, location, age, gender or personal interests.Perfect these five points, and your brand will be stand out amongst your rivals online, increasing website traffic and engagement with your brand and products.Kry sta Jackson a writer, who writes enriching posts. Apart from writing informative posts on latest technologies, she also writes largely on fashion, health, lifestyle, travel, and other leading blogging platform   loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.

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Comparing Two Learning Theories Piaget And Vygotsky

Comparing Two Learning Theories Piaget and Vygotsky Introduction This paper will show the differences and similarities between two well know theorists of knowledge development. It will evaluate each by focusing on several of Schunk’s five key factors for comparing theories. Overview Piaget used a clinical method to test children can developed his theory around four universal invariant developmental stages that describe how a person adapts to its environment through the process of assimilation and accommodation. By this children actively build their understanding of the world around them as they grow. In the first stage, called the sensory motor stage, a baby (birth to about 2 years old) uses it’s senses to discover the world around its self and also discover how to move. One of the main lessons that a person in this stage learns is object permanence, which is the realization, that object still exist even if they can’t be seen. The next stage is from about two until six or seven years old and is called the preoperational stage. During this stage children will engage in pretend play and begin to use symbols to represent things, and learn that words represent objects. From ages seven to about eleven, they are in the concrete operational stage whe re the idea of conservation of matter takes place and math skills can start to develop and real logic starts. The final stage of Piaget’s theory is called the formal operational stage. From about twelve years on, someone in thisShow MoreRelatedVygotsky And Piaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development Innate Or Learned?1241 Words   |  5 PagesComparing Vygotsky and Piaget Jayne Enneking Northcentral University Comparing Vygotsky and Piaget Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Is cognitive development innate or learned? These are two age old questions that have been discusssed extensively. The purpose of this paper is to offer insight into the answer of the latter by briefly comparing and contrasting Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget’s cognitive developmental theories. Both psychologists’ theories will be outlined, as will the similaritiesRead MoreA Comparative Analysis Of Theories Of Vygotsky And Piaget1446 Words   |  6 Pagescomparative analysis of the theories of Vygotsky and Piaget with emphasis on how the role of cultural context in child development is present in each of the theories. An in depth examination of each theory will be completed so as to give a clear understanding of the theories. The paper will also focus on the similarities and differences of the theories. Jean Piaget (1896 - 1980) was a developmental psychologist who introduced the theory of cognitive development in children. Piaget believed that childrenRead MorePiaget And Vygotsky s Theories1008 Words   |  5 PagesComparing Piaget and Vygotsky Bruner (2015) discusses a time of great change in the world of psychology in Germany, America, and in Britain through contributions of several â€Å"new heroes [that] were much more holistic, much less reductionist†¦the worldwide major figures in the field of developmental psychology were now Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget†. Lourenà §o (2012) reiterated the importance of Piaget and Vygotsky as two influential developmental psychologists and added that â€Å"their contributions toRead More Cognitive Theories of Human Development Essay1183 Words   |  5 PagesCognitive Theories of Human Development Jean Piaget, known as the most important theorist; started the most comprehensive theory of intellectual development. Piaget was born in 1896, in Neuchatel Switzerland, and lived a full and significant life, he passed away at age 84. His father was a medieval historian, and his mother was a homemaker; she was highly emotional and her behavior disrupted the normalcy of their home. Piaget married Valentine Chatenay, and they soon welcomed three girls;Read MoreDiscuss Major Theories Of Human Development And Learning Essay1617 Words   |  7 PagesDiscuss major theories of human development and learning, including MÄ ori and Pasifika perspectives. This essay will discuss Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky and their theories as well as critical points from their theories and explain how they relate back to each theory. It will discuss how both of these theories can be applied to work in relation to a role in the Early Childhood sector. It will include Dr. Rangimarie Pere’s studies in education and how they compare to those of Piaget and Vygotsky. This essayRead MoreThe Theories Of Piaget And Vygotsky On Childhood Development1703 Words   |  7 Pagesworks of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky have become prominent in an understanding of developmental cognition in childhood (Duchesne, McMaugh, Bochner Karuse, 2013, p. 56). Their theories are complimentary and provide a more rigorous comprehension of childhood development (Shayer, M., 2003, p. 465). Their varying principles are applicable to many situations concerning the development of children. The focuses of Piaget and Vygotsky on the ways of childhood development differ. Piaget was focused onRead MoreInfluence Of Early Childhood Educators1684 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelopment of children. The theorists Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky and their respective beliefs regarding the instructional practice of early childhood educators will be examined and critiqued. Additionally, this paper will explore what these theorists believe to be the most effective way to teach the visual arts to young children and what role the early childhood educator plays in supporting their development. In a discussion of Piaget, the constructivist theory will be explained and connected to theRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1519 Words   |  7 PagesThe scenario relates to both Piaget and Vygotskian theories in the sense that they describe how the child s mind develops through different forms of stimuli that occur during early childhood. Piaget s theory focuses mainly on things such as; how children think; how the world around them is perceived and how the newly found info rmation is explained through the language they use. Vygotsky s theory however differs as the effects of different forms of social interaction occur in cognitive developmentRead MoreEssay on Examining Educational Theorists and Current Practice Today1839 Words   |  8 Pagesnames three educational theorists, Benjamin Bloom, Jean Piaget, and Lev Vygotsky, and seeks to examine their most well-known theories. These are namely, Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development, and Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development. Each theory is briefly explained and then compared and contrasted with the other theories. Lastly, the author reflects on the practical application of these theories in a classroom setting, discussing how these philosophiesRead MoreCognitive Psychology And The Management And Treatment Of Mental Illness1352 Words   |  6 Pages In this essay I will be looking in detail at two psychological perspectives, comparing their difference and similarities and how they would be applied to the management and treatment of mental illness. Also I will explain the theories of two psychologist highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and there similarities and differences. AC1.1, AC3.1 Biological psychology looks at the biological aspects of behaviour. It looks at how the brain s structure, chemistry, activity and genetic make-up

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Definition and Examples of Graphemes

A  grapheme is a  letter of the alphabet, a mark of punctuation, or any other individual symbol in a writing system. The grapheme has been described as the smallest contrastive linguistic unit which may bring about a change of meaning. Matching a grapheme to a phoneme (and vice versa) is called a grapheme-phoneme correspondence. Etymology: From the Greek, writing Examples and Observations Trevor A. HarleyThe basic unit of written language is the letter. The name grapheme is given to the letter or combination of letters that represents a phoneme. For example, the word ghost contains five letters and four graphemes (gh, o, s, and t), representing four phonemes. There is much more variability in the structure of written language than there is in spoken languages. Whereas all spoken languages utilize a basic distinction between consonants and vowels, there is no such common thread to the worlds written languages.Linda C. EhrieTypically, beginners are taught grapheme-phoneme correspondences when they begin school. These associations are easier to learn if students already know the names of letters, because most letter names include relevant sounds, for example /t/ in tee, and k in kay. . . .There are about 40 distinctive phonemes in English, but 70 letters or letter combinations to symbolize phonemes. This makes pronouncing spellings easier than writing correct spellings.D avid CrystalGraphemes are the smallest units in a writing system capable of causing a contrast in meaning. In the English alphabet, the switch from cat to bat introduces a meaning change; therefore, c and b represent different graphemes. It is usual to transcribe graphemes within angle brackets, to show their special status: c, b. The main graphemes of English are the twenty-six units that make up the alphabet. Other graphemes include the various marks of punctuation: ., ;, etc., and such special symbols as , , and ( £). . . .Graphemes . . . may signal whole words or word parts--as with the numerals, where each grapheme 1, 2, etc. is spoken as a word that varies from language to language (a logogram). . . . And several of the relationships between words are conveyed by graphology more clearly than by phonology: for example, the link between sign and signature is very clear in writing, but it is less obvious in speech, because the g is pronounced in the second word, but not in the first.Florian CoulmasSpellings like to, too, two, sea, see, and phrase, frays, multiplied by hundreds of other examples, make for complex grapheme-phoneme correspondences, but the interpretation of written texts does not depend on these correspondences alone. Exploiting other systemic levels of language is equally common and practical. The plural of both dog and cat is uniformly indicated by -s, although it is [dogz] but [kaets]. In the event -s can be understood as indicating the plural morpheme rather than a sound. Accordingly, such spellings are sometimes referred to as morphograms.Cauline B. LoweMany phoneme–grapheme correspondences are conditional. The spelling of a given phoneme depends on the speech sounds that come before or after the target phoneme–grapheme correspondence.  For instance, doubled consonants often  follow short vowels in  closed syllables:  stuff, doll, mess, jazz. This pattern is an orthographic convention; the extra letters do not corr espond to extra sounds. Each of these example words has only one consonant phoneme at the end of the word.

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Essay about Travel Agency Feasibility Study - 8839 Words

GOT TO GO TRAVEL amp; TOURS A Bachelor’s Feasibility Study Presented to The School of Business and Accountancy La Consolacion College Manila In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science Tourism Major in Tourism Management MARIANO, DIANNE JANE D. MARTIN, STEPHANIE CLAIRE S. September 2014 CERTIFICATION The Bachelor’s Feasibility entitled, Got To Go Travel and Tours, prepared by Stephanie Claire S. Martin and Dianne Jane D. Mariano in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism, major in Tourism Management has been examined and is recommended for acceptance and approval for oral defense. LILIBETH M. PUNO, CPA, MBA Adviser APPROVAL SHEET†¦show more content†¦BUSINESS CONCEPT Overview of the Business Concept Got To Go Travel and Tours started with our dream and passion to travel. With people dedicated to service excellence, work ethics and focused in providing stewardship. It adheres to best practices, careful strategic planning and good decision making, focused on further improving service quality and increasing product awareness in the industry and constantly reinforcing its commitment to developing its product line and its people. Business Name Figure 1: Business Logo The name of the business was inspired by several concepts which the proponents would want the customers to visualize. The phrase â€Å"Got To Go† encourageShow MoreRelatedExamples Of Purpose For A Agency1095 Words   |  5 PagesI serve as the Program Analyst for the agency providing expert technical assistance on matters pertaining to the planning, managing, coordinating and oversight of business and financial activities for the agency. I advise senior managers/staff, and personnel of field extension on policies and procedures, payroll and travel claims, administration and records management, resource and space allocations, budget, hand receipts and other administrative support functions. I initiate, plan, develop, analyzeRead MoreMap Of Global Rural Population Distribution Essay1574 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelopments happening within the realm of supply chain and technology, the first goal was to identify what research already existed. Extensive literature, in regards to bo th new technology and supply chain management process, was reviewed to determine feasibility of implementing an integrated process and technology solution. The article, â€Å"Systematic Motorcycle Management and Healthcare Delivery: A Field Trial†, discusses the role that supply chain plays in delivering healthcare to remote villages in AfricaRead MoreDifficulties Addressing Drug Treatment Outcomes1328 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will identify central issues regarding current policies, major stakeholders, and findings related to Central Baltimore drug treatment outcomes. The simple answer is the lack of program funding and sharing of patient information between agencies. However, the issues stem from a long history of â€Å"redlining,† addiction stigma, and discrimination of people of color. The Old Goucher Barclay neighborhoods reside in the core of Baltimore City, and access to four major city bus lines and proximityRead MoreHistory And Development Of Tourism1572 Words   |  7 Pages based on increased the need to restore the health and environment change , growing sentiment the beauties of nature as a result of development of trade, industry and improvement means of transport (Guy Freuler) 1.2 Explain the structure of the travel and tourism sector giving relevant examples from various sub-sectors of the industry Air and road transport are, by far, the most used by tourists. For example, in 1998, the air transport accounted for 43 % and road transport 42%, while the carriageRead MoreTransit Co Operation Research Program813 Words   |  4 Pagesbus to the university increased by 6%. According to the author, the Ed pass was â€Å"Unlimited Access (UA), was based on partnerships between universities and public transit agencies in which universities purchase discounted transit passes† (p.238). The author also mentioned that the most of the respondents suggested the direct travel route, better bus scheduling, and better availability of bus information as the major improvements that any public transits should have. In 2006, Myers et al. conductedRead MoreHotel Continental978 Words   |  4 PagesHOTEL CONTINENTAL Case Study II MGT 201 Submitted by: Group II: Ada Ballesfin Cel Dizon Reyvs Firmalino Hotel Continental I. Point of View Mr. Oscar MendozaRead MorePayroll System Design4826 Words   |  20 PagesPayroll system design System Feasibility Study April 16, 2010, 8:54 am | | In the field of computer and technology, there always an option to automate things likes payroll system, inventory system, lighting system, and sales system.   But of course, before the automation of any system, a feasibility study should be conducted in order to see the benefits of automation over manual system as well as other alternatives. At first, you should study the organizational systems such as the usersRead MoreIntervention Paper1237 Words   |  5 PagesDelivering the Intervention Concerning the process for delivering the intervention solution, the study similarly follows Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory. And, as an individual goes through the process of acceptance of an intervention, similarly the process will achieve delivery. To start, potential participants will become aware of a new medicine called, TCI. Also, they will learn of it’s necessity and use in the treatment of eczema, through either direct provider contact or a varietyRead MoreAnalysis of the Use of Mobile Phones on Airplanes1216 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to study by International Air Transport Association, between 2003 and 2009, seventy five occurrences of suspected electronic interference was reported, involving twenty nine mobile phones. This was an event for each 283,300 flights. According to information by CNN, an Emirates airline was the first air carrier that allowed cell phones in its planes since 2007. Delivered by Aeromobile, the system allowed passengers to receive, make calls and run texts while cruising an altitude. Study by ConsumerRead MoreFasting Feasting18686 Words   |  75 PagesSyllabus Cambridge International A AS Level Travel and Tourism Syllabus code 9395 For examination in June and November 2013 Contents Cambridge International A AS Level Travel and Tourism Syllabus code 9395 1. Introduction ..................................................................................... 2 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Why choose Cambridge? Why choose Cambridge International A AS Level Travel and Tourism? Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) How

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New Changes in The Workplace Samples †

Question: Discuss about the New Changes in The Workplace. Answer: Introduction: Change in the workplace is very common now days. The concept of permanent jobs and the processes at the workplace has vanished. The processes of the buisness have changed because of evolution of management theories and the technology. The pace of changing nature of workplace is increasing day by day (Niessen, Swarowsky and Leiz, 2010). This study explores that there are many factors that act as the drivers for any of the change in the organizations. Some of the basic changes in the technology have replaced the old devices of the companies such as typewriters have been replaced by computers; notice boards have been replaced by online portals etc. These changes are evidently providing the newer opportunities to the workplace in order to make their processes better. New changes in the workplace: The first change that has been observed in the workplace is that the staffs are shrinking. This is because of the trend of outsourcing the non-core activities of the organizations such as IT, Human resources, accounting etc. Outsourcing helps the company to concentrate on their core activities that provides them more profit (Appelbaum, Habashy, Malo and Shafiq, 2012). This change at one hand increases the job opportunities for the people in the outsourcing firms, but also results in loss of trust from the employees of the company. Another change that has been observed at the workplace these days is about the technologies used in the process. It has been analysed that most of the process of the company are using technological tools in almost all departments such as HRM, marketing, accounting etc. Collaborative technologies are used by the employees in the organization to access the data and store the same in the central information system. It is very much important for the organizatio ns to make such technological changes in order to compete with the competitors in the industry (Riratanaphong and van der Voordt, 2015). Contract based working is another change that has been observed in the companies these days. Most of the companies are hiring some of the people on the basis of contractual role which will be for short period of time and those employees are not the permanent employees of the company. This change is implemented by the companies or the workplace for cutting the cost. People are facing issues as they needs to look for the jobs now because they do not have job security. As there are many new strategies implemented by the company to retain the employees, one of them is flexibility. The companies are giving greater flexibilities to their employees. The practices of work from home and flexi hours are very common strategies that are being practiced in the organizations (Beal and Ghandour, 2011). Depletion of resources and environment can be seen. Thus ther e are many policies framed by the government in order to keep the organizations sustainable. The organizations have to be more sustainable and environment friendly these days. Management dilemma: These various changes have been seen in the organizations that were not there in earlier times. It has been analysed that the management of the companies are facing some of the issues regarding making these changes. This is because implementing such changes in the organization requires them to invest huge amount. This becomes very difficult for them to train the employees and make them aware about the changes (Kamerman and Kahn, 2010). Some of the changes like technological changes have to be done by the organizations because of the industrial force. There are dilemmas in the minds of management regarding the issues that may generate if making the changes in the processes. Decision making is the biggest challenge that has been faced by the management of the company at the time of making the changes. There are some of the questions that disturb the minds of the management such as: What changes need to be implemented? Which department needs to be changed? Recommendations: As a manager, it is very important to understand and forecast the future. This is because future is dynamic in nature and the innovations are taking place at very high rate. Thus, it is required by the management of the companies to be updated with all the strategies and the technology that are prevailing in the industry and used by the competitors. Forecasting the future as per the trends in the past helps the managers to make the contingency plan for the company. It is required by the manager to implement the changes slowly and use the change management theory of unfreezing, implementation and refreezing. This helps the employees to unlearn the things they do before, and then understand the new concept. The last step is to adapt the changes implemented (Hayes, 2014). Use of such theories by the managers helps them to bring the change in efficient manner. It also helps the employees to adapt the changes without any obstacles. References: Appelbaum, S.H., Habashy, S., Malo, J.L. and Shafiq, H., 2012. Back to the future: revisiting Kotter's 1996 change model.Journal of Management Development,31(8), pp.764-782. Beal, D.J. and Ghandour, L., 2011. Stability, change, and the stability of change in daily workplace affect.Journal of Organizational Behavior,32(4), pp.526-546. Hayes, J., 2014.The theory and practice of change management. Palgrave Macmillan. Kamerman, S.B. and Kahn, A.J., 2010.The responsive workplace: Employers and a changing labor force. Columbia University Press. Niessen, C., Swarowsky, C. and Leiz, M., 2010. 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